2020 in-house kind ninja tournament

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about- Sunday march 15th


The Kind Ninja In-House tournament is a local tournament open ONLY to students of The Kind Ninja satellite programs. Locations include Pioneer Springs Community School, Charlotte Lab School, Levine JCC, Crossway Academy, Ballantyne Kicks Little Warriors Program and Collinswood Language Academy.

Students will be placed in divisions of 3-4 competitors, with one earning GOLD, one earning SILVER and two earning BRONZE. Divisions will be very fair, by size and skill level. This tournament is meant to teach a competition mindset, grit, winning/learning, team motivation, confidence, courage and more!

Tournament fee ($40) includes competitor's custom medal and competitor gift (shirt, board, patch, drawstring backpack- while supplies last). There is no cost for spectators. Additional divisions are $20. Students are allowed to sign up for as many divisions as they'd like.


Ballantyne Kicks

15105 John J Delaney Dr

Charlotte, NC 28277

division description

Forms: Students will come up in front of 3 judges and perform any form of their choosing. This can include their current level form, a previous belt level form OR an original creative form (10-20 technique sequence created by the student). Competitors will NOT be graded on whether the form is performed correct or not. Instead judges will be looking at: punches, kicks, blocks, posture, breathing, stances, confidence, eyes up, flexibility, power etc. Judges will award a score between 5-10. Students will then earn medals according to judges scores.

Sparring: Two competitors will wear chest gear and shin guards (provided at the tournament). Students will spar. Any open clean kick to the chest gear will result in 1 point. If the kick is blocked it is no points. Punches will result in no points. There are no kicks below and belt, no kicks or punches above the neck, and no sweeps allowed. The person with the highest score at the end of the 2 minute round wins.

Brazilian Jiujitsu: Two competitors will spar in BJJ or "roll". There are no kicks or punches allowed. Competitors start standing. A take down will result in 2 points, passing the guard is 3 points, mount is 4 points, back take is 4 points, knee on belly is 2 points and north-south is 1 point. Submissions may or may not be legal depending on the division your child registers for. There will be a gi and no-gi division.

Sumo: Two competitors will stand center of a 10ft circular ring. Competitors will put their hands on eachother's shoulders. When the referee says go, students will attempt to push the other competitor out of the circle. Both feet must exit the circle to count as a victory. If competitors fall they will get up to 3 warnings before both will be disqualified.



-------------------------------WINNER> MARCO




-------------------------------WINNER> LUCCA


Gold Medalist (Lucca), Silver medalist (Marco), Bronze medalists (Andre & Rafael)




age/skill divisions

3-4yrs/ Beginner (Sumo Only)

5-6yrs/ Beginner (white, jr yellow and jr orange)

5-6yrs/ Intermediate (jr green and higher)

(competitors will be grouped fairly and by size for sumo & sparring)

*Belt colors do not apply to BJJ division

7-9yrs/ Beginner (white, jr yellow, jr orange, jr green)

7-9yrs/ Intermediate (jr blue, jr purple, jr red, jr brown)

7-9yrs/ Advanced (jr black and higher)

*Belt colors do not apply to BJJ division

10-11yrs/ Beginner (white- Jr Green)

10-11yrs/ Intermediate (Jr Blue- Jr Red)

10-11yrs/ Advanced (Jr Black- High Blue Belt)

10-11yrs/ Expert (Red belt and higher)

12-14yrs/ Beginner (white- Jr Green)

12-14yrs/ Intermediate (Jr Blue- Jr Red)

12-14yrs/ Advanced (Jr Black- High Blue Belt)

12-14yrs/ Expert (Red belt and higher)

**Tournament planners can possibly move your child up or down and age bracket if it is a better fit.**

This tournament will be hosted by The Kind Ninja instructors (Master Alyssa and Professor Marlon) at BALLANTYNE KICKS (15105 John J Delaney Dr, 28277). The official schedule will be released the Friday before the tournament. Exact times will depend on the number of competitors. Please register if you plan to have your child participate so we can order the correct amount of medals, shirts, snacks etc. Direct any questions to Hello@TheKindNinja.com.

After each competitor finishes their bracket they will head over to the medal podium to pick up their medal and get their photo with their fellow competitors on the medal stand. (bring the camera!)

Uniform: Please have your child wear any Kind Ninja apparel including shirt, rashguard, gi, dobok or the shirts received from the tournament that day! Please wear black athletic shorts or pants on the bottom. Please note shoes and socks are not worn on the mats for competitor (parents can wear socks on the mat as spectators but not shoes).

tentative schedule: Sunday march 15th

9:00am All age and level SUMO competition

12:00pm All age and level FORMS competition

2:00pm All age and level SPARRING competition

4:00pm All age and level JIUJITSU competition

REGISTRATION: (Please enter a separate registration for each child)

2020 Spring Tournament Registration

2020 Spring Tournament Registration