Beginners Martial Arts Class

Ninjas! School is out but that doesn't mean you can't keep training! We have created a fun online program so you can practice from home and earn cool prizes! Make sure you have your parents sign off that you did the work so it can count! Try your best and email us if you have any questions. Hello@TheKindNinja.com. We are here for you! 

How it works:

Find your belt level below. Each belt will have a daily plan to complete. Some belts may even have a quiz to complete. After your parent signs off that you have completed it you will receive 1 coin (emailed to you) per day complete.


5 coins= ninja star

8 coins= black foam nunchucks (1 stripe on belt)

12 coins= Taekwondo Medallion necklace 

15 coins= Board to break

18= New "The Academy" t-shirt (2 stripes on belt)