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January- June (19 classes)


This is a secondary class to the first class. We will work on NEW material in this class as well as take more time to work on any obstacles from the first class.


Join us for 50 minutes of Brazilian Jiujitsu and martial arts ground training. This class is open to students grades K-8 and will be separated by age/level. All levels are welcome.


Group 1: Grades K-2 (no submission)

Group 2: Grades 3-5 (intro to submissions)

Group 3: Grades 6-7 (submission grappling)


Students will learn sport style Brazilian Jiujitsu. Professor Marlon is an IBJJF referee and competitor. Students will have the chance to comepte in local tournaments after at least 6 months of training.


This is a "Gi Class"

Students will be required to wear the traditional jiutjisu gi to this class. In sport jiujitsu there are two divisions: gi and no-gi. For the gi division, competitors can use the gi (Collar, lapel, sleeve, pants) to gain control and submit. Gi's will be ordered the first week of class by Professor Marlon ($65). Gi's include the student white belt. 


Snack Break:

There will be a break between 5-5:10pm for free play and snack. Please have your child pack a snack and water bottle. 


Class Pick-Up:

Please pick up your child by 6pm from the Playground.


This program is a commitment from January-June. There are no refunds for prepaid services so its important to make sure your child is committed for the length of the program. We recommend children do not "try" martial arts as first they learn kicking and punching, and THEN they learn the self-control/discipline. We encourage perseverance and persistance when it comes to training and becoming good in any sport.




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Package discounts:

1 class per week ($60/mo)

2 classes per week ($110/mo)

3 classes per week ($150/mo)

For 4 or more classes per week, please email us about Bushido Club

(Please note this is a semester long comittment. By registering you acknowledge you are aware of this comittment and credit cards will be processed on the 1st of the month, with the first payment processing at time of registration and the next on October 1st. You can cancel your payments with 30-days written notice and a $50 cancellation fee.)

Tuesday Brazilian Jiujitsu 5:10-6:00pm (GI CLASS)

  • There are no refunds for prepaid services. Please direct all questions and concerns to Hello@TheKindNinja.com.