**If you are enrolling for both Monday classes, use the code "DOUBLECLASS" for 25% off**


For payment arragements, please email Master Alyssa (TheKindNinja@hotmail.com)




January 4- May 31 (20 classes)


This is a secondary class to the first class. We will work on NEW material in this class as well as take more time to work on any obstacles from the first class.


Join us for an hour of acrobatics, martial arts stunts, handstands, cartwheels, aerials, kip-ups, basic weapon training and more. All levels are welcome.


Class is taught by Instructor Max Lotz, 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and back-flipping stunt expert! 


Students will not earn belts or learn belt curriculum in this class.


Students can wear any of the following uniform to class:

+ Any Kind Ninja rashguard (black or green)

+ Any Kind Ninja t-shirt

+ Traditional white or black solid dobok

+ Black athletic or compression pants or shorts


Snack Break:

There will be a break between 4:45-5:10pm for free play and snack. Please have your child pack a snack and water bottle. (Snack is included with Dream Team students).


Class Pick-Up:

Please pick up your child between 6-6:15pm at the Visitor's Entrance lobby.


This program is a commitment from January-June. There are no refunds for prepaid services so its important to make sure your child is committed for the length of the program. We recommend children do not "try" martial arts as first they learn kicking and punching, and THEN they learn the self-control/discipline. We encourage perseverance and persistance when it comes to training and becoming good in any sport.

Friday Stunt Class 5:10-6:00pm

  • There are no refunds for prepaid services. Please direct all questions and concerns to Hello@TheKindNinja.com.