licensing: the kind ninja brand

Starting June 2020, we will begin accepting applications to license The Kind Ninja brand.

Licensing includes:

+ access to The Kind Ninja curriculum (belt curriculum, class outline, games etc)

+ a Kind Ninja website for your programs (enrollment + communication system)

+ access to promotional certificates, class stickers, boards, class shirts and more

+ permission to use all logos, wording, marketing materials

+ social media guidance

+ coach and staff training (via Zoom calls)

+ join the licensee network for support and business tips

+ how to gain over 150 students with no overhead

+ summer camp and overnight camp model

Benefits include:

+ rewarding emotionally by inspiring and motivating children

+ rewarding financially with limitless income

+ flexible hours

+ be your own boss

+ incorporate your creativity into class planners

+ work along side people with similar growth mindset

+ train martial arts and improve yourself daily

Who would be a good licensee candidate?

+ Taekwondo academies

+ Karate academies

+ BJJ academies

+ Personal trainers

+ Gym Owners

+ Martial arts practitioners who are good with kids

Interested in licensing with us? Fill out the application below