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meet the team

Master Alyssa Forgach/ Coach Alyssa

Founder, Taekwondo Master, BJJ assistant

Alyssa began her training in Taekwondo in 1995 at age 8. She was fascinated by Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Rocky and more. She began competing in Olympic taekwondo at age 9, competing in local competitions and then moving to regional and national tournaments. She earned her 1st degree black belt at age 12. At age 14 she was competing nationally in the 14-17 black belt (knock out) division. She trained before school and 6 afternoons per week to prepare herself for competition and martial arts training. She earned her 2nd degree black belt at age 13, her 3rd degree black belt at age 15 and her 4th degree black belt (master) at age 18. She has won numerous state titles, State Games, Jr Black Belt festival and more.

At age 14, Alyssa began assisting in classes daily. She studied how to work with children and teens, how to motivate students and best teach the curriculum. Alyssa flew all around the country attending martial arts conferences, Tony Robbins events, studying child psychology, small business and anything else that would help her to more efficiently teach children martial arts.

Ten years ago, she began teaching in local Charlotte schools. From there, the program has continued to grow, reaching over 2,000 students around the Charlotte area. Alyssa has worked with special needs groups such as Camp Soar and Camp Horizon as well as young students with autism, ADHD, OCD behaviors and more. She specializes in connecting with children under 8 years old and empowering them to do their best.

Alyssa is also a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu and enjoys integrating BJJ techniques into her teaching as well as assisting in the Brazilian Jiujitsu classes. She is a mother of two, a daughter (9yrs) and son (6yrs). 

Professor Marlon

Brazilian Jiujitsu professor

Prof. Marlon Loor Vera has been training in various martial arts including Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Aikido for his entire adult life. Martial arts became his way of life. When he found Brazilian Jiujitsu, he ranked it at the top of his training for effectiveness and practicality in a real self-defense situation. He trained hard to earn his black belt from Gilbert "Durinho" Burns (BJJ coach for UFC fighter Vitor Belfort) and earned his 1st degree black belt from Andre Galvao (current middle-heavy World Champion).

Along with be an active competitor in national jiujitsu tournaments, Professor Marlon is also an IBJJF certified referee. This makes him very knowledgable in jiujitsu sport competition (rules, points, strategy, etc). With close access and friendship with the ATOS team, Prof. Marlon is able to bring the best of the best to the academy to train. Guest professors have included Andre Galvao, The Mendes Brothers, Gilbert Burns, Bruno Frazatto and Kaynan Duarte.

In the ATOS kids program, Professor Marlon is able to motivate the kids to be intense, strong and do their best- while still being gentle and patient as they learn. Finding the balance of discipline and fun in martial arts is always key. We want our ATOS kids to learn effective jiujitsu, but of course have fun so they stick with it and enjoy their time on the mat.

Marlon is also a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and former Muay Thai practitioner. He is a father of three and a huge fan of Bruce Lee. Prof Marlon is the 2019 No-Gi World Champion (master).