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Sep 3, 2018

September Goals!


Hi everyone! Please read over the goals below for each student of the Bushido Club. If you have any questions, email me at Hello@TheKindNinja.com. See you guys on the mats this week! Also, the Bushido club members can make suggestions on students to invite to the club. If you know of anyone with the right mindset and work ethic for Bushido club, feel free to recommend them to me.



- Improve hurricane side and hook kicks. In class this month, practice 15 each leg

- Continue working on Guem Gang form

- Improve shoulder roll (can practice this at home or class)

- 50 sit-ups, 4x per week (you choose the days)

- 2 minutes of meditation daily



- Continue working on Koryeo form

- Improve hurricane side kick (practice 10x per leg in each class)

- Work on blue-high red belt forms in each class to refresh memory

- 50 sit-ups, 4x per week

- 2 minutes of meditation daily



- Continue working on Koryeo form

- Improve jump turning side kick (working to bring up the non-kicking leg)

- Work on red and high red belt form in each class to refresh memory

- 50 sit-ups, 4x per week

- 2 minutes of meditation daily



- Learn at least 10 more steps of Tae guk pal jang (I'd like you to learn the entire form by the end of September and spend October sharpening it)

- Practice jump turning hook kick (high red belt break)

- Review high green- red belt forms

- 50 sit-ups, 4x per week

- 2 minutes of meditation daily



- Finish learning Tae Guk Chil jang, spend September sharpening it

- Practice hook-round kicks (red belt kicks)

- Learn 1&2 of red belt self-defense

- 50 sit-ups, 4x per week

- 2 minutes of meditaiton daily




New Posts
  • Hi just wondering what the October goals are!
  • The Bushido is the code of the samurai. It is based on the principles of: Morality Courage Compassion Politeness Honesty Respect Loyalty Self-Control As members of the Bushido club, push yourself to study these principles and how you can apply them daily. In class, we will focus on one per week. I challenge you to do the same. Students, let's keep all of our posts on the forum positive. For instance, if you have a tough training we can word it like "Wow that was a tough class today! I know I grew and can't wait to push myself even harder next time". Instead of " Ugh that class was so hard, I'm so tired". Let's support eachother and empower eachother. If you have any hard days, need to talk or vent, feel free to email me at Hello@thekindninja.com and we can chat about it!
  • Hi everyone. For those who attend Lab school, class begins this week! Come train as much as you can. The more you train, the better you get. For JCC students, class will begin Sept 4th. Reach out with any questions. Monthly goals for each student will be posted on the 1st of each month!