Frequently asked questions

Is Tank it Safe?

We at Tank it have taken every step to ensure that we meet industry standards. Safety is our top priority and we communicate the same to our employees by providing required training and implementation of policies and procedures to mitigate possible risks.

Who delivers the fuel?

Unlike other fuel delivery companies, all our drivers are full time employees, who have been hired after a thorough screening process, training and certification to deliver fuel at the highest level of safety to our valued customers.

How can I be sure of the quality and quantity of the fuel?

Our vehicles are fully equipped with industry certified dispensing meters, transactions are validated with state-of-the-art technology platform and IoT devices, whilst complying with local regulations. So, there is no compromise on quality and quantity. on.

What fuel do you provide?

We provide standard Diesel for now and will be expanding our offerings to Petrol Super 95, Super 98 and Special.

What happens if I order more fuel than I need?

Our fuel pump acts the same way as a fuel station pump and has an automatic shut off valve which cannot dispense more than a fuel tank needs. So, in short, we bill you only on actual volume dispensed