martial arts at pioneer springs


martial arts at pioneer springs community school

Open to grades 1st thru 7th, all belt levels welcome. Students will learn basic striking, blocking, footwork, grappling, fitness, martial arts character and more. 

*Class t-shirts should be worn every Thursday to class. Please have your child wear athletic shorts or pants to class so they can be comfortable when kicking.



2019-2020 School Year

September 12- June 4th

Thursdays 3:45-4:45pm

Tuition: $60/month

($50 registration fee due at enrollment. Includes 2019-2020 class shirt, all belt promotions and certificates for the year). Monthly payments drafted on the 10th of every month starting on September 10th and ending on May 10th. All holidays and workdays are factored into the monthly tuition.

*Belts included in tuition (students will promote to new belts when the instructor feels they're ready. Readiness includes understanding of the curriculum, mindset growth and physical skill).

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