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Winter Training

One great thing about martial arts training is that it runs year round. We recommend that all of our students continue their training throughout the winter and summer to see the best results, both physically and mentally. Many times when students take a break, they lack the confidence to ever return. They lose momentum, forget their curriculum and see their friends have passed them in the belts. Encourage your child to make a commitment and push forward on the path to black belt. 


Starting December 1st, the Winter Plan will go into effect. Normal classes will be held outdoors UNLESS the outside temperatures are under 45 degrees. In this case, the class will be held at its normal time via Zoom (online). Students can also opt to attend at a different location during the week on a warmer day. This plan will continue until December 20th. Check the homepage of the website on your child's class day. We will post there if class is in-person or online.


The holiday home challenge will run December 20- January 20. This is an exciting home training format that encourages practice, discipline and family time. Students will have weekly training schedules, a weekly online lesson AND a weekly challenge (both physical and character related). If the student completes the mission they'll receive a fun reward such as a Park Dojo pop-it, bubble wands, ninja squishies and more. Parents and siblings can also join in on the fitness challenges and complete as a family. Normal in-person classes will resume January 23rd.

Current Members will receive all the information about the Holiday Home Challenge on December 1st.

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