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Summer is right around the corner and we are so excited about The Kind Ninja summer camp 2018! If you're reading this, you are registered for one or more weeks of camp with us. Please read over the following information and fill out the form below. You also will receive an invoice via email if you have a camp balance. Feel free to email us with any questions. Happy camping!

The Kind Ninja summer camp program is a martial arts camp inspired by independent learners, self-motivated students and a "free spirit" vibe in uptown Charlotte. We utilize the entire First Ward area including First Ward park, Imaginon, 7th Street station, UNCC, Charlotte Lab playground and more. 


8:30-9:30am Extended day drop-off (DROP OFF AT FIRST WARD PARK*)

9:00-9:30am Day camper drop-off

9:30-10:30am Splash Park/Park play

10:30-11:15am Indoor play at UNCC

11:15-12:00pm Lunch at 7th street station

12:00-1:00 Splash park/Park play

1:00-2:00 Martial Arts with Master Alyssa

2:00-2:45 Indoor play at UNCC 

2:45-3:00 Day camper pick-up (PICK UP AT FIRST WARD PARK*)

EXTENDED CARE (supervised by senior camp counselor Shannon Loor or Master Alyssa)

3:15-4:00 Snack/Ice Cream at 7th Street station

4:00-5:00 Imaginon free play

5:00-5:30 Pick-up at First Ward Park

*If raining, drop off will be at UNCC uptown off of 9th street. Look for an email the night before with rainy day procedures*


+ Arrive in bathing suit (rash guard preferred also)

+ 1 towel

+ 1 change of clothes

+ Water-friendly shoes such as native style shoes or Keens

+ Daily lunch (or $7-$10 for lunch at 7th street station)

+Water bottle with ice (THIS IS A MUST!)

+Sunscreen (please apply in the morning before camp also)

+Book or card games (optional)

+Snack for extended care campers


+ Bathroom breaks will occur twice during the day. Once at UNCC and once at Imaginon (large, multi-stall bathrooms). If a camper has to use to the bathroom while at the park, an adult counselor will walk with them to the bathroom, make sure it is empty and wait outside while they're using the restroom. Often times if the mens bathroom is in use we will have all campers use the women's bathroom since it is usually empty. Boys and girls will go individually.

+ Lunches and snacks do not have to be nut-free.

+ Please be sure to give an adult counselor any medications (i.e. epi-pens) if necessary.

+ We have a "No Hitting" rule at The Kind Ninja camp. Any fighting or striking is not allowed and will result in being asked to leave camp.

+ The Kind Ninja is a very mobile, child-led camp. We often will ask the campers if they'd like to stay longer at an activity if it is going well. We walk around the city a lot. Be sure to enforce our rules while at home such as staying with your counselor, not wandering off and listening to counselor's directions. Safety is the #1 priority of camp.

Contact Numbers:

Alyssa Forgach (704) 975-6489 - Head counselor

Shannon Loor (704) 756-4554 - Senior counselor

*Please text first as we cannot answer the phone when with the campers*



Please fill out the following (2) forms. (Student emergency contact form AND Camper liability waiver)


Please note: Any balances unpaid will result in a loss of your camp spot. Click here to pay your camp balance via credit/debit card: Credit Form