"There are many martial art academies in my city, but these instructors are different. They're making a difference in the lives of our children. The instructors are kind yet firm, extremely talented and qualified, and my child always leaves happy. Most importantly, they are setting a foundation of real, effective self-defense. "

- A Kind Ninja parent

The Kind Ninja is the premier childhood martial arts program. The classes are offered to boys & girls ages 3-11 years old. The Kind Ninja is not only an introduction to beginner martial arts, it also boasts an empowering character education curriculum with benefits that will last a lifetime. The Kind Ninja is founded on these principles:


Strong Curriculum: Our curriculum integrates the traditional martial arts belt system to create tangible and measurable progress for each individual student. Students earn white belts at their first class and work hard to earn skill/character stripes on their belts throughout their monthly training. Once a student earns all 4 white stripes, they are eligible to promote to the next belt. Belt promotion is an exciting moment that builds confidence and promotes the importance of trying your best. The Kind Ninja curriculum was designed specifically for school age children with skills such as balance, coordination, large motor skills, hand-eye/foot-eye coordination, core strength, agility and jumping (plyometrics). Classes feature fun and exciting lesson plans that keep the students moving, smiling and improving every class. Our goal is to not only promote health & wellness but also for our students to use the skills they learn in class to help them with future sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming etc.

Our older students (age 5+) also learn beginner Brazilian jiujitsu which includes ground self-defense, grappling and beginner take downs. Brazilian jiujitsu is great for core strength, coordination, body awareness and is one of the most effective martial arts. Students who chose to compete at local tournaments can do so with the support of our coaches and instructors by their side.


Character Education: For over 2,000 years, martial arts has been a catalyst for character traits such as respect, discipline and focus. The Kind Ninja program has taken age-appropriate character traits and included them in our curriculum. These benefits are also included in the 6 stripes that students earn on their belt. The Kind Ninja program focuses on self-control, focus, friendship, honesty, respect for others, compassion, effort, sharing and confidence. These character traits are taught through stories, games and group activities. We urge our program parents to continue the discussions at home and talk about these character traits at the dinner table or on the car ride home. Like the physical skills, our goal is to empower and inspire the student to LIVE these skills throughout their adult life.


Peace & Wellness: The Kind Ninja program also integrates beginner meditation and "box breathing" into our curriculum. We as martial artists are ambassadors of peace and self-control. Our meditation and peace-practice techniques help with minimizing tantrums or emotional outbursts, promote peace at home and among siblings, and help to give self-control and a voice to each child.


Support Community: The Kind Ninja program has built a community of instructors, students and parents that support each other, lift each other up and empower one another. If a child is having any struggles at home, parents can communicate this to the instructor and the instructor can tell a story or do an activity in class that may speak to this struggle. Communication emails are sent to parents monthly outlining what we're learning in class and optional take home activities. We have an open door policy, where parents can come watch class and reach out to talk about their child any time.

Qualified Instructors: All of our instructors specialize in working with younger children. Age appropriate curriculum and teaching style is crucial in keeping a child interested in martial arts for the long term. Effective self-defense is not something that can be achieved until 10-15 years down the road. Our job is to create a sense of security, fun and a strong foundation that they can build upon for years to come. Our instructors include black belt jiujitsu IBJJF world champions, Taekwondo black belts and kickboxing athletes. All of our instructors go through the state background check required for CMS schools. Most of our instructors are also parents themselves.


class structure & details

The Kind Ninja is a "mobile" program that travels to area preschools and schools in a community. Classes meet once per week for 40-60 minutes. Our qualified instructors teach a weekly curriculum that combines physical skills, age appropriate self-defense, character education and tons of FUN!


Classes are booked in 8-12 week sessions, semester OR monthly (depending on your location). Enrollment is done directly through this website, not your instructor. Included in a first time enrollment is the student's white belt, class shirt and online membership to access the white belt curriculum. 


Classes are open to boys and girls age 3 - 14 years old. If there are enough students, we typically will divide the classes by age or belt level.

Junior Ninjas (3-5yrs)

Senior Ninjas (5-8yrs)

Black Belt in Training (9yrs+)


Sessions end with a belt promotion and award ceremony. Students break boards, receive a new belt and graduation certificate. This is a great time for parents to come out and see everything their child has learned over the past 2-3 months. 


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