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About The Kind Ninja

The Kind Ninja was founded by Taekwondo master, Alyssa Forgach in 2015. A martial arts practitioner since 1995, Alyssa knew that she wanted to teach kids martial arts as her career.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience with young children, specializing in ages 3-6. The Kind Ninja has taught over a thousand children at local schools and rec centers in the Charlotte, NC area. Master Alyssa holds a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

The curriculum offers a unique and innovative hybrid training of both striking (taekwondo & boxing) and grappling (Brazilian jiujitsu). Alyssa realized that learning only stand up martial arts like taekwondo wouldn't be enough for true self-defense and therefore added a BJJ curriculum into the Park Dojo black belt plan. The BJJ curriculum was co-created and approved by 2019 black belt World Champion, Professor Marlon Loor Vera. Our goal is for students to graduate from Park Dojo and move on to more serious training in BJJ or stand up martial arts, of which they can continue for a lifetime. 

In 2020, Kind Ninja pivoted into PARK DOJO after the pandemic hit our community and the schools closed. Park Dojo brings martial arts to local parks and neighborhoods. For the past two years, Park Dojo has gathered in backyards, neighborhood playgrounds and public lawns to teach the magnificent skills and benefits of martial arts. Families gather on their picnic blankets, younger siblings run around the grass, and our warriors learn character and self-defense skills that will last a lifetime. 

Park Dojo Summer Camp runs from June-August and is the best camp in Charlotte! Open to kids ages 4-11yrs, we provide free play, water play, daily martial arts and a positive, safe environment. Day Camp runs 9-2:30pm and extended care is offered 2:30-5:30pm, Monday-Friday. Our camp enrollment will begin in January,

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